Have you ever wondered how horses fly?

Mar 07 2016

Have you ever wondered how horses fly?

Equiflight is a safe reliable and hassle-free Isolation and International Horse Transportation Service, located in Collinsville, Texas.
The company owner, Katie Forest Schroeder answers 5 top questions-


Q: I understand the horses travel in stalls on the aircraft – how are they loaded onto the plane?  The horse stalls are loaded on the ground and then raised into the aircraft by lift, maneuvered into place and locked into position.


Q: Are horse’s ever tranquilized during the flight?  The only situation in which a horse will be tranquilized during transport is if the decision is made that the horse has become a danger to itself or to other horses or to people. If a horse is ever tranquilized during transport, the owner will be notified immediately.


Q: Who takes care of the horse’s during the flight? EQUIFLIGHT will send hay with the horses for the flight.  All horses travelling with EQUIFLIGHT are supervised by an airline animal air attendant and an additional number of grooms provided by EQUIFLIGHT.  The grooms travel with the horses to ensure that they have hay and water and are comfortable through the entire flight.


Q: Do horse’s experience jet-lag upon arrival?  Yes- most horses will be very tired after flying.  Like people, after a couple of days they will adjust to the new time zone.


Q: Do I have to apply for permits from quarantine / health authorities myself?  No. EQUIFLIGHT takes care of all import/export permit requirements at the port of arrival and departure.


Like to see how they load the horses onto the plane? Watch this short video..



About Equiflight:  

With over 20 years of experience in the horse industry, Katie Forest started EQUIFLIGHT to offer safe, reliable, and hassle-free International horse transportation.  Being centrally located in the United States, EQUIFLIGHT receives horses from across the United States and Canada for quarantine.

For more information about shipping your horses, please contact Katie directly at 713-202-3951 or email katie@equiflight.com



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